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The most important setting is the master easiness. This determines how long we expect that you can remember a word without reviewing it. You should aim to fully understand about 90% of the sentences. If you're scoring:

(The idea is that the easier you find the material, the higher the easiness. This means that higher easiness makes the reviews harder, which may be confusing. We're using this terminology to be consistent with SuperMemo, Anki, etc.)

 Master Easiness: 

Advanced users can change many other settings. These aren't always fully documented. We recommend that you export your scheduling before making changes here, so you don't lose all your progress if you break something. You can reset these to the defaults later if necessary.

← overdue
not yet due →
← past
future →
Average over period is

This is our estimate of the probability that you'll remember a word after its exact scheduled interval. In practice, reviews are always a little early or late. We've adjusted this estimate for that in a complicated way.

Aim for a score around 90%. If you're scoring much lower or higher, then adjust the easiness for optimal learning.

* * *

Interval Actual Time

Vocabulary List

This defines the list of words that you want to study. We'll try to show you only sentences that contain only those words.


Import Vocabulary

If you already have an electronic list of words that you know (for example, because you've been using a different computer program to study), then you can import it by pasting below.

If a line contains just the word, then we'll try to schedule reviews in a reasonable way. The line may optionally also contain exact scheduling:

If you specify exact scheduling, then each word should appear three times, once for each review method.

Export Vocabulary

You can export a list of the words that you know and their spaced repetition scheduling, for example to study them using a different computer program.